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Society for Risk Analysis 2016 Annual Meeting

The Society for Risk Analysis is a remarkable association. Its members are scientists and practitioners trained in multiple disciplines who come from around the world. They are employed by government, industry, consulting firms, NGOs, academic institutions, and themselves. They seek one another’s company because they face problems requiring such diverse perspectives. This diversity of disciplines and perspectives is crucial for gaining insights to the complex challenges of globalization and can help policy makers cope with the uncertainties and ambiguities of 21st century governance, technology innovation, and social change.
December 11-15, 2016 - San Diego, CA
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Navigate the Global Transfer Pricing Landscape

This interactive program will encompass lectures, roundtable discussions, and workshops, all aimed at understanding key transfer pricing strategies and identifying specific actions to improve transfer pricing processes. The program will also include guidance on developing, implementing and maintaining transfer pricing policies and procedures that support the broader goals of the MNE. Participants should come to the program with knowledge of their company’s business strategies and priorities, and a willingness to discuss these in a confidential learning environment.
January 26-27, 2017 - Chicago, IL
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FATCA significantly increases the need for not only banks and financial institutions but multinational corporations, and foreign entities receiving U.S. source income worldwide to capture, analyze and submit detailed data of customers subject to US withholding tax and tax liabilities to the US Internal Revenue Service. To comply with FATCA regulations, financial institutions will need to employ enhanced due diligence procedures to identify and report US Persons who are using non-US Financial accounts or Non-US entities to evade US taxes. Financial institutions will need to develop additional capabilities and modify existing operational processes as penalties for non-compliance severe enough to the subject of 30% withholding tax of any “withhold able payment” made to its proprietor account.
February 7-8,2017 - Chicago, IL
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GARP 18th Risk Management Convention

Bringing together the world’s foremost risk management practitioners and regulators for two days of in-depth discussion and debate on today’s most important risk issues
March 7-8, 2017 - New York, NY
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12th Annual Liquidity Management

The highly anticipated 12th Annual Liquidity Management Conference will bring together industry peers within liquidity and treasury management to discuss and share best practices in balance sheet structures, contingency planning, assumption setting, risk measurement and reporting, funding interest rate risk, collateral management, the three lines of defense model, same day ACH transactions electronic retail payments, intraday liquidity monitoring, money market funds, funds transfer pricing, regulatory compliance strategies—(i.e., RLAP & RLEN, Regulation 385, BCBS 239, NSFR, the latest SR16-3 Guidance), and more!
March 14-15, 2017 - New York, NY
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