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Operational Risk Management

This premier marcus evans Operational Risk Management Conference will examine the exposures brought on by operational risk and how these must be accounted for in the business model. The increased cost of managing operational risk forces banks and financial institutions to allocate the resources necessary for managing the new workload as well as the cost to hold more capital to compensate for known operational risk. Leading practitioners will meet to share productive processes and techniques for: updating operational risk governance, reducing conduct risk to avoid losses, evolving risk appetite, demonstrating the value inherent in a strengthened operational risk management infrastructure, and implementing AMA to achieve capital savings.
September 16-17, 2015 - New York, NY
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4th Annual Capital Adequacy, Strategy and Stress Testing

This GFMI conference will help banks understand what is expected from them when it comes to regulations and stress testing, and provide them with a greater strategic insight into how to rise above the challenges that the process poses to them. They will gain a greater insight into how to integrate regulatory and economic capital in order to optimize the use of available capital. It will also help capital management practitioners simplify and optimize the compliance with the regulations and make stress testing more efficient. Additionally, they will understand how to use the stress testing results for business purposes, helping them better connect capital management with their overall business goals.
September 16-18, 2015 - New York, NY
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2nd Annual Liquidity and Funding Risk Management

Since the Basel III liquidity rules were finalized in the US last year there has been a lot of uncertainty and new challenges for the industry. New requirements for short-term and long-term liquidity as well as the Supplementary Leverage Ratio are forcing banks to re-think their liquidity management strategies and make considerable investments in infrastructure and technology. This GFMI event will help banks to manage short-term and long-term liquidity more effectively. Calculation, disclosure and reporting of the LCR will be examined in depth. The NSFR will also be evaluated to make banks better prepared for its implementation when it is finalized later in the year. The impact of the SLR will be discussed to assess its impact on liquidity management. The event will demonstrate how by optimizing liquidity management banks will always be able to meet their financial short-term and long-term obligations, hence operate effectively and profitably and satisfy the regulators.
October 5-7, 2015 - New York, NY
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4th Internal Controls and DCAA Audits Conference

Join government contractors and federal officials at the 4th Internal Controls and DCAA Audits Conference to exchange valuable insights and strategies for working together in the present and future audit environment. Attending this premier marcus evans conference will enable you to clarify DCAA & DCMA responsibilities within auditing processes to determine appropriate contractors response and will address internal controls issues before they become audit issues. Topics will also attend to management of legal concerns, data disputes and overcoming backlog barriers to advance business initiatives and improve future audits.
October 20-22, 2015 - Washington, D.C.
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2015 RMA Annual Risk Management Conference

Plan now to attend RMA’s biggest event of the year at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, in Boston, MA. Speakers will be providing their insights into the regulatory environment, the future of banking, and the economy.
November 1-3, 2015 - Boston, MA
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